I Dream of JeanieSudoku

Even since I saw Sudoku in the papers about two months ago, I’ve been highly addicted to solving the puzzles daily on So to say that I’m a fan of Sudoku is a silly statement – I’m (practically) obsessed with it... so much so that ALMOST bought me a couple Sudoku books the other day while in Barnes and Noble (there’s no “S” on that last word, people). Yeah, daily solving, book-buying, Sudoku freak.

I can handle that. I enjoy the puzzles. It makes my mind work in a different, logical, way. That’s fine.

But when I start dreaming about a damn Sudoku puzzle, then I start to worry.

In my dream I’m highly anticipating the latest Sudoku in the paper. I open up the page and get my first glance at the puzzle – which is labeled “insane.” Insane? Yes. Why? Because there was only ONE number given to you. I freaked out, in the dream, how in the hell was I going to solve this?

Luckily the dream ended there, I just know I would’ve woken up in a pissed off mood had I tried to solve the puzzle in la-la-land. But it was pretty damn funny.

+ original post date: August 29, 2005 11:04 AM
+ categories: Dreams


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