No Vocaine

Last Saturday I found something in my mouth that caused me instantaneous grief. A cavity. What!?! Are you kidding me? I go to the damn dentist every four months now (due to the way that plaque builds up on my teeth – some people are like that, GOMN), I shouldn't have a cavity. I had x-rays done last time I was in and there were no "worry spots." I haven't eaten tons of candy lately, nor do I just leave candy in my mouth for weeks at a time. Regardless, I brush my teeth twice a day, once with the Oral-B ProfessionalCare 5000 Series (which is better than the 900 series, but not as good as the 7000 series... did they leave out a few series in there?).

So today I went for my regularly scheduled cleaning appointment and hoped they could fix this nasty cavity in my mouth. They couldn't.

It turns out it wasn't even a cavity, but a silver filling that's been in my mouth for years. It was on one of my rear (12-year) molars and I've never noticed it – good thing I know myself like I know the back of my hand (though others may know the back of my hand better, I'm a notorious bitch-slapper). The crazy thing is that it's good that I noticed it when I did... the filling was starting to deteriorate, so they pumped my mouth full of Novocaine, drilled out the old silver filling, and replaced it with a newer teeth-colored one. Yay.

Experiences like this at my current dentist are great. I honestly feel like when I leave there, that I know as much as the dentist does about a particular subject. I've also never been to a dentist that is kinder and gentler and honestly seems to care about me and my life.

I should know, I've been through orthodont-hell during my life – braces for two years, retainer for one, some weird jaw contraption for another year, braces for another two. And the dentist/orthodontist that worked on me all those years... weirdo. This is the kind of guy that tries to stick his whole arm in your mouth. When he is cleaning your teeth, he might as well be punching off the plaque with a sledge hammer. And I swear, if he needed leverage, he'd be standing on your chair with his knee jamming into your chest. Can we get out of the dark ages already?

The worst part was that he still felt the urge to tease me and tickle me... WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE. Can we get a restraining order already?

+ original post date: June 15, 2005 02:17 PM
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