I've Covered Parking Already

Moving from Fayetteville, Arkansas, to Kansas City was an adjustment... especially in the driving department. I went from ONE major highway to FOUR. I don't think it would've been as big of a deal if I lived down South, but I moved downtown, where highway driving is pretty freakin' crazy. There are more exits on the North end of the Downtown Loop than there are in Fayetteville... and that's just a four mile stretch, if that.

I wish that we could actually give people cards when they suck at driving (like the Please Park Better Cards), but that's not happening any time real soon. Instead, I suppose I could list the stupid things that drivers do (in the city or on the highway) that really piss me off.

Don't Stop On the On-Ramp
Yes, driving on the Downtown Loop is crazy. And yes, some of those drivers are hauling ass. But you CAN'T STOP ON THE ON-RAMP. It's called merging, and surprisingly, even though you may give someone a little road rage when trying to get onto the highway, they understand and will let you in. While you're stopped on the on-ramp, afraid of causing a wreck on the highway, you're close to causing a wreck behind you.

Stop Passing Me Over and Over, I Have Cruise Control
Don't give me that look of disgust when you've passed me for the third time. YOU'RE the one that has trouble maintaining a certain speed. You see, I have my car on cruise control – I've been going the same speed for the past two hours.

Where Do You Think My Lane is Supposed to Go?
This is primarily a downtown Kansas City exclusive condition. You pull up to a stop sign or stop light and there are three lanes: one left-turn only and two straight lanes. If you're in the right-most lane and you go straight (because you can't turn right), you have to merge left because SURPRISE, your lane is gone. So what's the problem? People sometimes corner you into these lane-less lanes and you have to wait for 10 cars to drive by.

Pull Up Just a Little More
When you're in the right-turn lane at a stop light, pull your car up enough so that a car that is actually going to turn right can do so.

Look Ahead and Plan Better
The next time I'm driving down Southwest Trafficway and you try to pass me by using the right-lane, why don't you make sure there's no one parked there. I'm not going to let you in, dummy.

Drive Faster Already
The traffic lights downtown suck enough as it is. Don't waste time by going slowly over the 2,000 metal slabs on the streets. It's a car, people, and those things won't pop your tires... nor will they slide out from under you, causing your car to fall in a hole.

Geez... I sound like a maniac. Kansas City driving has changed me.

+ original post date: June 9, 2005 02:15 PM
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Ugh! Remember how I'm always saying I wish I had a sign to hold up to the window for all the idiots who get upset with me because THEY don't know how to maintain a constant speed? The sign would simple say: "I'm using CRUISE CONTROL." Just once I wanna see their expression change from disgruntled to "Oh, crap...I'M the idiot here..." And OH...the people who cut me off because they don't realize that my lane has no other option but to go straight (like the street leading up to your place)...the only thing I've found that helps then is yelling at them. Well...it helps release my anger anyway.

+ author: Wendy
+ posted: June 25, 2005 08:04 AM

Also, dont you hate it when people just stop on the Broadway Bridge because their fan belts break and they single handedly close down a whole lane of traffic and have other drivers nearly missing them as they wizz by. Oh wait..thats only me that stops on the Broadway Bridge with fan belt trouble and not able to move a foot farther and then seriously considers jumping into the Mighty Mo out of sheer embarrasment. My bad. See you on the roads Sethy.

+ author: stevepanic
+ posted: June 25, 2005 08:05 AM

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