How NOT to Market to Young Adults

For years and years I've hated a lot of the marketing aimed at the young adult demographic. Sure, I'm a part of this target (or, used to be, seems like the ages continue to shift), and I'm cynical (like I'm supposed to be), but there's good stuff out there... sometimes.

The latest culprit of the bad is that horrid Ford Focus commercial where the lady is explaining the deal to a young 20-something. He's so pumped about the deal that he exlaims, "that's clutch." She corrects him by saying, "no, it's an automatic." He says clutch, she says automatic, etc., hilarity ensues. Aside from the obvious "young people act stupid" mantra (that I first remember from Starburst commercials several years ago), apparently the two generations are so far apart that neither understand each other.

I suppose this commercial can be seen as a parody, but I don't feel it was done well enough to portray that. Back to the drawing board, Ford. Maybe take some pointers from BK, VW and Apple.

+ original post date: June 5, 2005 08:50 PM
+ categories: Advertising


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Oh man...you are so right. I have seen this commercial several times and each time I try to remember when the last time I heard someone say "thats clutch" as it is not a term that I use EVER. I think the only time Ive heard it is when watching a baseball game and someone gets a timely hit.

So not only are young people stupid, but lets try and then hope to god that maybe we can get away with inventing slang that helps our cause, yet nobody uses.

+ author: stevepanic
+ posted: June 25, 2005 08:08 AM

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