THIS Is Newsworthy?

Those of you tired of seeing stupid-ass stories on national news, please, raise your hand. Right, looks like about all of you. The whole Terry Schiavo story, while sad, annoyed me because I didn't think it deserved all of the national attention it received. In general, I feel that the news is too negative. I don't watch local news because it's worse.

But this new story is just silly. Have you heard... of course you have, it's all over the damn news... the story about the bride-to-be that faked her own kidnapping? I feel so sorry for this gal (yes, I said gal, I say that word). First off she gets cold feet before she's even married. SUCK! Then, she freaks and decides to run. STUPID! To make things worse, she calls the cops in hysterics, saying she's been kidnapped! INSANE!!! Poor girl, it was only a matter of time before the cops figured it out.

So now, the story has been solved. She wasn't kinapped. She's safe. All that happened was that she got cold feet and freaked out. I don't know any statistics about this, but I'm willing to bet this (getting cold feet) happens quite often. Everyone rejoice, she's okay!!!

Not so fast, says the national news. We need to make a mockery of this lady. We need to humiliate her further. We need to talk about her on television and publish main story blocks about her on CNN.com. WE NEED AMERICA TO KNOW THAT THIS CRAP CANNOT CONTINUE TO HAPPEN!

Damn straight! Or... how about you leave her alone. Don't you think she already feels stupid enough? First off she LEFT HER FIANCE! Then, she lied... and was caught! That's enough to put people in a terrible state. Let it go.

Let's report on more newsworthy stuff, please. Like, why Bush decided to pre-empt Joey on the first night of sweeps. Jerk. Better yet, how about a kitty in a tree? Or how about a banana-hammock ban being lifted? Not THAT'S newsworthy.

+ original post date: April 30, 2005 05:35 PM
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You are 100% right Mr. Seth. I would agree with the story being "news worthy" if she really was kidnapped and they are trying to get her picture out there for the public, but now she gets to return to all her wedding guests and will get harassed by the "Why?" question by everyone she meets for the rest of her life. Serves her right. But that story, much like the Laci Peterson, or Terri Schaivo for that matter, keeps the publics interest away from (and therefore knowledge about)actual important things such as war, environmental destruction, tax hikes, oppression, etc. "I cant worry about such trivial things as innocent children dying in Africa or the President raping the world when THEY FOUND THE BRIDE!!"

+ author: stevepanic
+ posted: June 25, 2005 08:48 AM

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