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Man, am I still super exhausted! I got back into Kansas City yesterday afternoon and have been dragging (not the dressing-up-as-a-girl dragging, the kind where you're very tired) ever since. This three-day weekend in Fayetteville for Aaron and Bev's wedding was just crazy fun. Of course, any time I get to see the boys and all of my other friends in Fayetteville, it's always a fun time.

The rehearsal was fun, the rehearsal dinner was fun and the reception was fun too – I guess any time you write "Doo Doo," "Whooo Pig Sooie," and someone draws a wiener on the windshields... you're bound to have a good time.

Yes, much fun was had. But the story that takes the cake, in my opinion, deals with the wedding photos that were taken before the ceremony.

After arriving at the church and getting dressed, we made our way to the chapel. On the way there, we noticed name tags and sharpies everywhere. Instinctively, we made name tags for each of the Groomsmen. As the time grew near for us to head to the front of the church for pictures, we were ready for our boutonnieres. Aaron's mom was putting Todd's boutonniere on and Bev's mom was putting Trip's boutonniere on...

Trip: Why do we have to wear these?

Seth: Yeah, why do we have name tags on?

Bev's mom: Where did you get those?

Todd: She said we had to wear them.

Aaron's mom: Who said that?

Seth: Bev did. She told us to put them on.

Bev's mom: My Bev?

Todd: Yeah, she said to put them on.

Aaron's mom: Noooo.

Bev's mom: Huh-uh, she didn't say that.

Aaron's mom: No. Name tags.

Bev's mom: Sorry boys. *ripping off the name tags* No name tags.

Todd walks two steps away, turns to me and says...

Todd: Good thing I've... *pulling something out of his pocket* ...a back-up name tag.

I lost it. I laughed a lot this weekend, but that one was the hardest I laughed. Man, that was fun!

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very nice

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