Four-Month Check-Up

I can't really believe it, but it has now been four-plus months since I left VML to work at SHS... and the popular question for everyone to ask me is "how do you like the job?" I sometimes go into great detail about why I'm loving it so much (with my arms flailing – I use my arms too much, I'm working on that) and other times I may give a two word answer.

The Two Word Answer:
It's awesome.

The Longer Drawn-Out Answer, With Arms Flailing:
Before I had even talked to anyone at SHS, I knew that it was a different place. Aside from that, and some of the work I had seen from them, I didn't know much more about them. My assertion was right on. SHS and VML, while in the same industry and same city, are very nearly world's apart. I liken SHS to what VML might have been about eight years ago (VML was already going through some major changes by the time I arrived). SHS is a smaller environment and everyone knows everybody. At any random moment one could hear burps, guitars or Nick Drake coming from somewhere in the office.

The pace is very different, too. SHS is a much more relaxed atmosphere. That's not to say that there aren't tense moments, but on the whole (Preparation H feels good) it's much more sane. I can actually think about the work I'm doing. Instead of reacting, I plan. Very different.

But the main difference is the work that I'm actually doing. I'm not just coding sites anymore (which I still love). I've done flash pieces, banners, usability studies, and have had many interactions with clients. Not only that, but I've also proposed several big ideas to clients about some interesting, and different, branding opportunities – I'm an interactive guy, remember, but they love it when different perspectives are given.

So, yes... I'm loving it. It's awesome. And it's a place that I could see myself being at for a long time.

+ original post date: April 23, 2005 07:54 PM
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