So, He Survived

We didn't think he could do it, but good ol' Aaron survived the onslaught that was his bachelor party last Saturday night. What was only supposed to be an evening event, turned into a half-day marathon that included the greyhound races at The Woodlands, Westport Flea Market (best burger in the world), Kelly's Westport Inn and then some other place (sparing some details here, it's the Internet, folks).

It was awesome to have so many guys out for Aaron's party, but easily the highlight of the night was a game I created for Aaron to play. The name of the game was (again, Internet censoring turned on) "Aaron HAS to get that chick's phone number if he says THIS to her."

Basically, the game went like this... each guy takes a turn asking a trivia question about himself to Aaron. If Aaron answers the question correctly, Aaron takes a shot and has the chance to ask the guy a counter-trivia question to see if he'll take a shot, too. BUT, if Aaron gets the trivia question wrong, then Aaron has to say the quote prepared by the question-asker to the girl of the question-askers choice.

Needless to say, this was all for us to enjoy and for Aaron to struggle through; but he was a champ and such a great sport. Here are some of the conversations he had throughout the night:

That's only a snippet of things Aaron did that night, but I can't tell all. Not that we were in Vegas, or anything, but, you know. Two weeks until the wedding... he should be sobered up by then.

+ original post date: March 21, 2005 09:40 AM
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