Photo Updates, Try #1

Today has panned out to be a lazy day, so I figure why not do a little house-work on my site. Enjoy the updates...

Some Photos of the New Place
So I've been in my new place over two months now, and though I haven't really decorated the place (or painted), I thought it was past time for those of you who haven't been here to see what it looks like. Err, what most of it looks like. I didn't take any snaps of my bedroom and either bathroom, because I'm lazy and I didn't want to clean it up before hand... sheesh. Okay, enough banter, go see the pics.

If you haven't used flickr yet, I really suggest you jump on the bandwagon. It's a great service and it's free!!! All you do is set up an account, upload photos, organize them into sets and share them with the rest of the world. Super simple! And did I mention it was free!?! You only get 10MB of space a month (upload-wise), but, um... that's a ton of space if you don't care about compressing all of your photos. If you want to share photos that people can buy, use ofoto or snapfish, for sharing photos for people to see, use flickr. Oh, and to illustrate just how cool flickr really is, you should know that Yahoo! just bought them.

New Site Photos
I took over an hour of time to prepare new images for the rotating image area (see top right), but for some reason, when I've uploaded the photos, I can view them by going to their direct URL, but I can't when the XML file tries to pull them into the site. It's very frustrating, so I'm going to come back and try again later on. But, soon, you'll see some new photos up there. You will enjoy them! You sonofa...

I figured it all out... new photos should be live now.

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I can't help but think you were referring to me when you said, "You sonofa..." and then ended your post. Well, just for that, I am cooking up a prime-cut knuckle-sandwich that you can enjoy (read: die after receiving) this weekend. You sonofa...

+ author: Crasymaker
+ posted: June 25, 2005 09:09 AM

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