Snowboard '05: The Drivarrival

This may be the only entry you all get. We somehow found a connection on Day Three...

Who ever said that the drive across Kansas on I-70 was the worst ever, well, they grossly underrated it. It's beyond awful. It's beyond dreadful. It's boring, uneventful, tiring, plain, bland, gray, and adds zero value to whatever your ultimate goal is.

Fortunately, our ultimate goal was Frisco, Colorado – an absolute peach of a town. Upon initial arrival into Frisco, we were impressed and each of us thought that this is what a small mountain ski town should be. Last year, we stayed in Dillon... not quite the same in terms of quaintness, but it was fine.

Not only did we upgrade the town we stayed in, but the place we have this year is overwhelmingly better than the hotel we stayed at last year. Lisa, my second-cousin who lives in Denver, informed us that she has a co-worker who owns a place in Frisco. Without knowing much about it, we asked how much the place was – I won't say how much we got it for, but after walking into the place, we got it for a steal!!!

Kicthenette, queen bed, fold out futon, DVD player, VCR, TV, two stereos, full bath, dedicated space in a garage, hot tub, etc. Wow. Not only does it sport those great features, it also was housed with a ton of movies for our viewing pleasure — Sister Act, Twister, Titanic and Face/Off — just to name a few of the hits.

Tonight we're chilling, hard core. We shopped and got tons of food for the week, and also stopped in to some local ski rental shops. Todd bought a new jacket and I got a new jacket and pants... nothing like finding some cool stuff on sale that makes you feel like a much better snowboarder than you really are.

As if you haven't noticed by now... no internet access. There are some internet-cafes around town, but they cost money (grrrrrrrr). Time for bed. Nighty night.

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Kansas is perfect. It is beautiful. It is amazing...

As a backdrop for the mountains to look ever more beautiful.

It's like the black cloth that the jeweler holds behind the diamond for contrast.

+ author: Brett
+ posted: June 25, 2005 09:29 AM

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