Snowboard '05: Days 4 - The End

Day Four
So, when I left off last time, it was snowing... like crazy. After the blizzard-day on the mountain, we woke up the next morning to find that it had snowed all night, and was STILL SNOWING!!! We were all pretty sore and banged up from the previous three days, so we decided to take the day off and relax a bit. And by relax, I mean not do a darn thing.

Day Five
Remember what I said about Day Three? Well, forget it, because Thursday was by far the best day any of us has ever had during our short snowboarding careers. Riding on fresh powder all day long (that's 14-19 inches, depending on who your source is) we throughly wore out the mountain. The best part of the day was this amazing tree run that Jones found... it was so much fun that we rode it six times before lunch - yum!

After lunch, we decided to go and see what other fun stuff we could do on another side of the mountain... and that's when TG and Jones got stuck in waist-deep snow for about 30 minutes (we were goofing around, too). Honestly, the snow was that deep – Todd's got the pics to prove it.

Overall, quite the amazing of days and one I'll never ever ever forget.

Day Six and Driving Back
Speaking of forget... day two was easily outdone in the lame department by day five. Once getting to the mountain on Friday morning, we quickly realized just how spoiled we were all week long. Sunday was a semi-busy day, but the rest of the week was so slow that you could end your run by riding directly into the lift line and hopping on.

Friday was quite the opposite – as in 25 minute lines just to get on the lift. In two hours, we had done two runs... TWO RUNS. Following up a day like Thursday was going to be hard enough. Couple that with our bodies being sore and our new-found snobbery for wanting to be the only ones on the mountain... we decided to leave early and go clean up our room.

Later that evening, we drove into Aurora and had dinner with Chris and Lisa (my cousin and her husband), then went to see the world's worst horror movie, "Boogeyman."

We got up this morning and left Aurora around 8:45 am CST, and now we're almost to Kansas City... have I ever mentioned how badly I-70 sucks? I'm gonna crash hard tonight, then it's get ready for work again... why can't I snowboard for a living?

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