Resumé Updated

It's always fun to go and update my resumé, especially when I have something to update it with:

I Am Into It
Last night the Super Bowl was played, which means tons of new ads (not to mention the millions of dollars spent), and among those new ads was one for MBNA's new "We Are Into It" campaign (see Least Favorite section). The campaign is set around customers getting almost any specialized credit card they want – your alma matter, favorite charity, frequent flier miles, etc. – it's kinda a cool deal. One major component of the campaign was to do a web site where people could see all the available cards and get any information they need. The site was originally pitched as a flash-site, but due to 508 Compliance, the flash site was ousted and (x)HTML was pegged... the only problem, they liked the flash design and wanted the same effects to work on the HTML version.

So, as one of my last projects at VML, I made the MBNA flash site into HTML. Funny thing is, when you go to weareintoit.com, you're defaulted at the flash version. There's a link at the bottom of the page for the HTML, or you can just click here to see it. This is by far the most complex CSS work I've done and am particularly proud of it. At one point, the last point I touched it, it was all compliant and validated... but I've since left VML, and others have come through making modifications (I guess that's the big disclaimer).

Soon I'll have more sites to list... check out the CSS side of the new VML site, too, that's my baby as well.

+ original post date: February 7, 2005 11:44 AM
+ categories: Things I've Made


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