I Dream of Snowboarding


Todd, Trip and I are snowboarding, somewhere in America, but close to the Canadian border. We're all over the mountain and we're freakin' good! We burn through trees, slalom around all the slow people on the slopes, and launch massive air over frozen waterfalls – yes, waterfalls.

We're done for the day, so we head back to the room. On the way, we decide to stop at a rental store so Todd can buy a new beanie. In the store, there's a carpeted area where you can take a skateboard deck and ride around on a little two foot mini-ramp. So while Todd is looking around, kids are flying past us, since the entire section we're in is in the flat of the mini-ramp. I notice a concrete channel on one wall, it's purpose is to channel water when it melts outside. I don't question why it runs through the store, but I nod thinking what a good idea it was.

We all notice a door in the shop and wonder where it leads. The store worker explains that he doesn't know, but when someone is pounding on it at 3am, it's the scariest thing in the world.

It's the next day. We're on the slopes, shreddin' it up again. We get to the bottom and then we're back on the lift, headin' back up to the top.


I wake up on a gravel road. I'm super upset because I know I was JUST on the ski lift. I have no jacket on, no snow pants, no boots. In fact, I'm shirtless and have on shorts. I look up and see a walking tour group up ahead, looking at one house that's being built.

I start to run. Past the people in the group and up the hilly gravel road. I'm heading to the only logical place – the hotel on the Canadian side of the border (which we weren't staying at). I run inside the hotel and demand to talk to the concierge.

I explain the entire situation and she understands my frustration... but she says that she can't do anything about it. Defeated, I go to the hotel hallway and sit down and leave a message on Todd's cell phone. Just then, the concierge grabs her suitcase and tells me to come along.

We get in her car and she starts driving to the mountain. She explains that she just quit and that she'll drop me off on her way home. I'm excited, but worried that I still don't have anything to go boarding with. While we're driving, she and I talk about how beautiful the city is. As we pass a park, I notice a softball game going on, and she begins to drive onto the field.

She stops the car at the pitcher's mound. I had just asked her what crime was like in the city and she explained that there was never any crime. As she said that, she reaches out her window and grabs a wad of cash that was on the ground, it belonged to the pitcher.

The car spits dirt all over the field as she speeds off, counting the money as she drives. $107 dollars. She's happy because that'll get her some good food, I tell her that it could help me buy a jacket to snowboard in. We stop at an office building.


+ original post date: February 28, 2005 09:43 AM
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Finally... someone besides me that I know has a vivid dream that they remember in great detail. I'm not insane.

+ author: ScooterJ
+ posted: June 25, 2005 09:21 AM

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