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Last week, for the first time in about a year, I was sick. I can't stand being sick (as you may have read in yesterday's post), and when I am sick I'd rather not miss work. Last Wednesday, I had a small fever, so I was ordered to go home.

On my way home, I stopped by Osco Drug to get some things that would help me get better: Juice, soup, cough drops and some medicine. I usually couple those items with a couple naps here and there and the ever trusty echinacea. I usually whip the heck out of any cold that DARE try to get the best of me.

While at home, something caught my attention and prompted me to write an entire blog posting on it. Instead of buying the regular Chicken Noodle Soup that I usually always buy, this time I chose Healthy Request.

Think about that for just a second. Healthy Request. It made sense to me when I was at the store... I was sick, wanted some soup, wanted to get "healthy", so it was the most obvious choice.

But, is it a logical choice? Or is it more ironic that Campbell's decided to make an entire line of soups healthier than others? I mean, people usually don't eat soup to be unhealthy, do they? Granted some people eat soup because they like it, but generally, people eat soup to feel better... and I assure you, no one eats soup to become sick, that's just silly.

I know, this is pretty much a moot point, because Healthy Request is technically better for you than Campbell's other soups – they're 98% fat free, have 30% less sodium than our regular soups, and have no MSG.

Okay, so that was fun to think about... but then when I was on the Campbell's site, I saw this neat little graphic. For those of you who didn't take the time to read it, here's what it said:

Healthy Request Condensed soups now have a convenient Pop Top lid. So guilt-free enjoyment is easier than ever.

The fancy, space-age, Pop Top lid has its own FAQs??? Are people THAT confused by what a Pop Top lid is? Have these people never eaten, say, Tuna? Have they ever opened a can of soda? Regardless of any of that... did Campbell's customer service REALLY receive thousands of phone calls concerning the Pop Top lids that warranted an entire Frequently Asked Question section?

This is what the web is for people! When I'm about to fix some soup, and for whatever reason can't figure out a friggin' Pop Top lid, the FIRST place I'll turn is the Campbell's Soup web site. Because, if you didn't notice, they SHOW YOU HOW TO OPEN THE DAMN CAN!!! And then, if that's not insulting enough, they give you a list of can openers that WILL work, since most won't.

And And And then... if you still can't open your soup, there is still one other thing that will work... the Pop N' Pull™ Tool. That's right, this utensil "will be sold in most supermarkets beginning in October 2003." So, you'll have to jump back in your car, drive to the store, and HOPE to find one of these utensils... I've never seen one. Don't worry, if you get the tool and aren't sure how to use it, they give you a step-by-step description (with pics) on how to do that.

Just one more thing, read the last question in the FAQs:

Q: I am having difficulty lifting the tab, pulling the tab back, breaking the lid free from the can, or opening the lid without splattering the product. (also note, this really isn't a question)

A: We're sorry you are having trouble opening these lids. The cans and Pop Tops we use have been carefully designed to balance our requirements for product integrity and ease of opening. (translation: that's why we had to show you three different ways to open them on this web site)

This is exactly what the internet is for people, to inform about Pop Top lids. Here's my solution, it seems much simpler.

+ original post date: January 24, 2005 02:40 PM
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