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When I quit VML, people asked me how much time I was taking off. My reply, "one day." They all thought I was looney. So, to everyone who asked that I had to explain that SHS let everyone off between Christmas and the New Year and that I would take my break then.

Several days before our Holiday Break commenced, SHS said that our first day off for the new year would be the 3rd and that we didn't have to come back until the 4th. The day before Christmas Eve, they informed us all that they made a mistake, and that we WOULD actually be working on the 3rd... but if you already had plans made that you could still take off... and if you wanted to come in on the 3rd and take a free day at some other point in the year, that would be okay, too.

So, I figured that I would take tomorrow off...

BUT I'M GOING CRAZY. My total lack of motivation has been disturbing, lately. The past few days have been dull and very routine-like:

Great vacation, eh? I'm going to go to work tomorrow, just to get out of here. There's not a lot I can do around my place right now, anyway, unless I wanted to pack everything up – a month early. No thanks. I've been trying to think of decoration ideas for the new place, but am really holding off on that since I've convinced myself that I should wait until I'm in the place and know how much spacing I have. I'm in a state of limbo... no, I'm not walking around my place trying to slide under horizontal bars of varying height... the "in-between" two things limbo.

Oh, and I really want to ring the neck of my upstairs neighbors.

"Grosse Pointe Blank" is on right now... just what I need... more TV.

+ original post date: January 2, 2005 10:12 AM
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