Do not attempt.

There's a commercial that I've seen on TV for a while now that just bothers me to no end (not really THAT much, but it bothers me – 'to no end' was an elaboration). The commercial is for a Jeep vehicle. It starts off with a volcano in the background that has a constant stream of smoke coming out of it. Then, rocks are landing in the foreground and eventually a Jeep Grand Cherokee lands, too.

A little after the Jeep lands, in small type at the bottom of the screen, the words "Do not attempt." are shown as the Jeep drives off back towards the volcano.

Uhhh... do not attempt what? Getting blown out of a volcano? Or... do not attempt driving towards a volcano? Or... do not attempt to recreate this obviously fictitious commercial, because if you really hurled a Jeep 500 yards away from a volcano it would crumple into a ball on impact??? Guess that creates a whole new meaning to the term "off-road."

Thanks Jeep, I won't try ANY of those.

+ original post date: January 3, 2005 10:26 PM
+ categories: Advertising, WTF


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