Last Wednesday @ VML

Today wasn't a bad day, by any measure. It started off bad because my upstairs neighbor, whom I know a lot about since he's so loud and the floors are thin, wasn't home this morning while his alarm went off for 30 minutes. I loved it. Because of the noise, I'm attempting to move into another loft in this same building (more to come on that in the near future). The rest of the day was great... but believe me when I say that VML is going to get every minute out of me that they can until next Monday... which isn't a bad thing, just sprinting to the finish, I suppose.

We're in the middle of a giant redesign of (boy, does it need it). It's going to be a great site when it's done – it's supposed to launch on December 15. The site is split into two halves *#8211; the work and the company – which we think are the main reasons that people would come to the site. The work side is going to be completely done in flash, while the company side will be done entirely in CSS. To date, this is my best CSS work done.

So, as I sprint to finish at VML, and we sprint to get the site ready to launch, I need to make sure to get all of my other housekeeping chores done at VML.

Tonight, me and Simon are going to watch some TV and veg. I'm excited.

Oh, and one week from now, I'll have finished my first day at SHS... weird.

+ original post date: December 8, 2004 07:30 PM
+ categories: Work


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