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Today... well, today started off with a bang, err, rather fire alarms. The entire building's worth. A mere 45 minutes after I drifted off to sleep, the Kansas City Fire Department was dispatched to my building. I've woken up to fire alarms before, but they were usually turned off very quickly. This time, they weren't turning off. Simon was freaking out, running around all over the place not knowing what to do – I bet his ears were hurting.

Reluctantly, I threw on some clothes and marched my way downstairs to see what all the fuss was. Sure enough, the entire building was outside in the cold, at midnight, waiting for the Fire Department to "put out the fire." And by that, I mean fix the busted sprinkler in the garage. This has happened before, but it wasn't 30 degrees outside.

Work was more of the same today, still runnin' hard to get the new up. Again, I reiterate how hard it is to make a site when you have no content. It's the ol' "hurry up and wait" routine.

We had a creative department meeting today, where several people took the opportunity to complain that I was leaving. it was all in good fun, but they best watch their backs. Yeah, I'm talking to you Parre, and Pruitt.

Tomorrow is the going away party. That'll be fun... and sad.

+ original post date: December 9, 2004 09:33 PM
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