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Since I work in the field of advertising, I cannot help but to pay attention to all types of ads that I see/hear on a daily basis. Whether it's a menu at a restaurant, a billboard on a highway, a banner on a web site, or even a radio spot, I must say there is some extremely bad messaging going on out there.

Take this morning, for example. While commuting to work (during all of the two minutes – sometimes three – that it takes) I usually listen to either a CD, sports radio (810 WHB) or Hot 103 Jamz (please fellas, don't forget to SLAM that "Z", thank you very much). Today, I decided to listen to 103, since it has all the hottest hip hop songs of today. It never ever ever ever fails that I turn the car on precisely when commercials are on. No big deal, maybe I'll hear some funny Dave Chappelle Pepsi spots.

No Chappelle today. Nope, while crossing the Broadway Bridge, I was being sold an item over the radio waves. Makes sense, right? People driving to work get caught up in traffic jams. And these people need to stop on their way to buy something at the store. We all have to buy something every once in a while. And how do you get to the store in Urban Sprawl Kansas City? YOUR CAR!!!

So, when I heard that I could hurry in to my local Radio Shack and buy two, yes two, 9-volt batteries for a low price, I nearly wet myself. Nearly. But when I heard that I could get two more 9-volt batteries for free*, I, in fact, did wet myself. Not to mention rear end the person in front of me, spill coffee on my lap, knock a pedestrian off of the bridge, all while screaming "Hallelujah Jesus" in Portuguese (which, oddly enough, is just "Hallelujah Jesus"). This is quite possibly the Deal of the Century.

But alas, I did not rush in to Radio Shack... they're not open at 8:00 am. That's bad advertising people, just bad.

*NOTE: sale does not apply online

+ original post date: November 4, 2004 09:58 PM
+ categories: Advertising


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