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Without much drive to update several times over the past couple of weeks, I figured I'd do one large update. Below you'll find several topics of discussion that I've been wanting to elaborate on:

Seth's New Position at VML
Two over two weeks ago, I accepted a new position at VML. My title is now Interactive Supervisor – yes, I am in charge of around eight people now. Scary thought. The creative department just created a fourth team, a team dedicated to assisting the other three teams when work spikes hit. This new team also establishes a "training ground" for young/new recruits. The team has two divisions, print and interactive, I'm in charge of the interactive side. So... woo-hoo for me!

NY is Just Milk & Honey
Almost two years ago, Wendy and I went to New York on a mini-vacation. While there we spent an evening with Jeremy Kaiman and Hae-Sahn (I know I spelled it incorrectly, sorry). The highlight of the evening was visiting an underground bar called Milk & Honey. We were very impressed that this was a bar where you actually called in reservations and had to know it's location. Equally impressive was that Kaiman had an "in" there. Upon returning to KC, I did research and found no such known bars here. These bars must not be publicized, because I'm sure they exist.

Fast-forward to Friday night. VML had a going-away get together at John's Upper Deck for Stuart Ludlow. After several rounds for Stu, we decided to walk over to the Peanut for Andrea and Stef's birthday parties. On the way over, Stu said he wanted to buy us guys a round of drinks upstairs at the Majestic. Now, this isn't quite the secret bar, but it's rumored to cost $1,500 a year to be a member and go anytime you want. If you're Stuart, you try to convince the ladies downstairs to let you up, and when that doesn't work, you talk to the manager – who you're great friends with. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and was definitely the coolest bar I've been to in Kansas City.

Hogs, Chiefs, Both Lose Close Games
If you weren't following the football sports world, the two football teams I follow lost this weekend. First off, the Razorbacks lost to Texas in an extremely well-contested game. The Longhorns were supposed to blow us out, but they found that to be a hard task as they only won 22-20. We surrendered a safety in the first minute of the game and then missed three late rally attempts in the fourth quarter. Matt Jones led the way, but also lost the ball on the Texas 8 yard line in the final minutes of the game. I hate that we lost, but this proves that an very young team can hand with National Title contenders. Also, to give Jones the ball in the end of a game and expect him to do something great is just how it should be. He's our version of Jordan, and yes, Jordan didn't come through some times. Keep the ball in Jones' hands and great things will happen more than not.

The Chiefs, well, they're another story. When Dick Vermiel came here over four seasons ago, the Chiefs were in the dog house, a sad version of the team that they once were. Dick was determined to change that. After posting records of 6-10, 8-8, and 13-3, this year is supposed to be THE year. Our offense usually isn't a problem, it's the defense that sucks. So, this year we brought in an ex-KC head coach (Gunther Cunningham) to fix that problem. Last night, playing in Denver, we didn't show any signs of improvement. In fact, the offense was looking pretty lame and one-dimensional. Opposing teams beware, stop Holmes and you're set.

Like I said, I JAM Hills
Over a month ago, I got myself a new bike with my birthday money. It's a Trek 7100, and it's bad ass. It's a hybrid bike, which means that it's a mixture of a road bike and a mountain bike. So, the comfort of a mountain bike with the riding ease of a road bike. I don't ride it as much as I want to, or should, but when I ride it, it's so much fun.

Okay, bye.

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Nice find on the Milk and Honey site, there Seth. They even mention the drink I had: strong-mint mojito. Yum.

+ author: Wendy
+ posted: June 25, 2005 10:06 AM

How can you remember what you had? I barely remember what I drank at lunch yesterday. Oh wait, a Coke C2.

+ author: Seth
+ posted: June 25, 2005 10:06 AM

I've been to upstairs bar at the Majestic and briefly considered a membership. It's truly a great, relaxing place. I don't think it was $1500, I think you could get in for as little as $500. However, here's a tip. If you buy dinner at the restaurant, you are allowed temporary access to the bar. Just ask your server for permission to go upstairs after you pay your tab and he or she will call up and clear you. So unless you plan to go up there frequently, it's cheaper to just buy steaks. :)

+ author: ScooterJ
+ posted: June 25, 2005 10:07 AM

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