Yes, FREE iPod!!!

When I first heard of getting a free iPod, I laughed. Who would just give iPods away, for free??? Well, it's real and it's pretty darned simple to do:

  1. Start by clicking here and setting up an account, which sets you up as a referral of mine.
  2. Then, complete one of the many offers they give you... these offers are things like AOL Trial, DVDs for $.50, Free Diet Pills, etc... all things you can get for cheap and/or return for little to NO cost.
  3. After you complete an offer, then I get credit for you (I need up to five people to complete an offer).
  4. Then, if you're interested in getting a free iPod, too, then you refer people. If five of the people you referred complete offers, then you get a FREEEEEEEE iPod!

This is about the only way I would like to get an iPod. I have no real desire to pay $200+ to get one and this is a perfect opportunity! Thank you for your support.

+ original post date: August 23, 2004 02:18 PM
+ categories: Pop Culture


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