Two Separate Weekends with Family

Family Weekend #1
Meris came up for the weekend and we had a blast! From eating out at River Market Brewery and listening to opera-singing karaoke people to chowing down on some Arthur Bryant's before the Royals game, I hope that this weekend isn't a one-time thing. We went shopping on the Plaza and at Zona Rosa (though Meris claimed to have "all" of the clothes we saw) and also watched "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle", and then ended the evening with "Finding Nemo." It was a nice and relaxing weekend with promises to do it again.

Family Weekend #2
I know, I know, I never finished up the Seattle trip postings. Well, the reunion was incredible. I just love hanging out with everyone, listening to stories, telling some of my own, eating good food, and playing washers (the Gunderson-family past time). I stayed at Alan's place with the other guys and met his pig, what a site. Papaw whooped us all in washers (except once, where Garrett and I prevailed) while we melted in the record-heat for Seattle.

The weekend was very fun, but of course didn't last near long enough. The highlight of this family gathering was Garrett, losing his driver's license... somewhere. I swear, if his head wasn't connected to his body... kidding Gar.

If you'd like to view some of the photos from the entire Seattle trip, click here. [WARNING, you will need a current version of Macromedia's Flash Player to see them] I'll be uploading these photos, and more, to If you'd like to see all of them, and maybe order some prints, just let me know.

My two weekends with family was good fun and always reinforces why having a family is so important. I love you all and can't wait to see you again.

+ original post date: August 8, 2004 10:06 PM
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