Seattle, Part Four: WiFi = Awesome

For my potential last post while in Seattle (heading to the relatives' house, which may not have internet access), I decided to post while sitting outside, at a fancy bar, drinking a beer, and piggybacking off of an wireless internet provider. From what I understand, nearly all of Seattle has wireless servers, and you can just walk around and hop connections until your laptop battery dies.

The conference was fun, and about 95% informative. I'll definitely attend one again and recommend any ner... uh, person who's interested in the web to attend one also.

Something I noticed while here... no one jaywalks. No one is in a hurry, or the police have really cracked down on it. In either case, it was something I had to adjust to. Something else I adjusted to, drivers stop at the white lines at intersections. WHAT!?! I know, this town ceases to amaze me.

Well, that's probably it from Seattle. I'll have a full breakdown of the reunion once I'm back at home.

+ original post date: July 23, 2004 07:41 PM
+ categories: Travel/Vacations


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