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For those of you who don't know, I'm a big cheerleader for CSS-based sites. Using CSS eliminates the use of tables in your pages for layout and provides much more flexible coding. At first, making the switch over to CSS is troublesome, as you have to think of building your site differently than you have in the past. Coding in CSS is also a bit cumbersome, too, as you'll run into browser nuisances - which will subside in time as more and more browsers become standards-compliant. In addition, contrary to popular belief, CSS can also give you pixel-perfect sites, it all depends on how detailed you want to get in your coding.

While in Seattle, I had the chance to meet and sit in on two of Douglas Bowman's CSS sessions. Bowman is the man behind the Wired.com and Blogger redesigns into CSS. He's by far one of the biggest names in the CSS world and it was awesome to hear what he had to say. In his second session, he went over what tables are really used for and then did a real-life conversion of a site into CSS

+ original post date: July 28, 2004 11:44 AM
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