Ahhh... This is nice.

I've always thought of myself as a minimalist. I always strive to design in simplistic ways. My efforts are usually simple and functional, but not to the extreme. This is my latest effort. I've changed things around on the site for several reasons:

I'm not quite finished with the site. I haven't tested it in many browsers except Mozilla and IE for Mac. I know right now it doesn't work in IE for Mac – sorry about that, it may not work properly ever, but I'll give it a shot. Also, for some reason, the photo stuff isn't working in the Comments and Archive sections. I'll also be checking that out.

So, enjoy the new site. I know I will. Oh yeah, and Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Update... The site now works in IE Mac. Still tinkering with the photo goofiness.

Update #2... The site now looks correct in IE on a PC. Now I'm having issues with the rollover effect on the navigation links. I started to work on a fix, but it wasn't working properly, I'll have to play with it later. Again, still tinkering with the photo goofiness.

Update #3... The flash photos now work on all pages.

Update #4... The nav is now fixed for IE6 on PC. Plus I also fixed a minor header error in Netscape. So, now I just need to fix up the contact page and I'm essentially finished with phase one. Yay!

+ original post date: July 4, 2004 08:45 PM
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