Ahhh, Birthdays of Yore...

I was digging through my birthday photos last night in anticipation of my 27th birthday coming up on Friday. I found a lot of good ones, had a lot of laughs, and spent some quality time remembering each of my birthdays throughout the years. Posted below is, by far, my favorite birthday picture from several years ago.

I'm sure each one of you reading this know that you share a birthday with someone famous. If you don't know who, then go check it out now. I happen to share my birthday with former child-star Corey Feldman and Hall of Fame Running Back, Barry Sanders.

But, little did I know that I shared my birthdate with The Granddaddy of Pappycorn, The Kernal King, yes, good ol' Popsalot Inna Bag himself... Orville Redenbacher. And could you imagine the look on my face when he SHOWED UP AT MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!?! Stunned. That's what I was.

"But he died in 1995," you say. "You're wrong," is what I say back. And to prove it, here's a picture from the party... Big Orv (that's what he insists on being called) was cracking everyone up. He was telling jokes, doing impersonations and yes, I dare say, lighting his farts on fire. This picture was taken shortly after he pulled popcorn out of my ear (who knew he was a magician, too). Oh, the memories.


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Big Orv and his popcorn. Jesus. I hope I still party that hard when I'm 80. Before he came over that night to surprise Seth, he called me to see what he needed to bring (besides popcorn). I told him Seth was a whiskey drinker, to which he replied "My maaannn!" and hung up. The next thing I know, Big Pops (he insisted that we call him this all night) walks in with his friend "Jack", last name "Daniels", and starts handin' out shots like they were Tootsie Rolls. An hour later Seth and I were definitely drunk, but Pops was without a doubt, f*cking wasted. I mean waaaasted. I'm talkin' "shitting your pants because you forgot to pull them down first" wasted. I'm talkin' "barf in your bowl of popcorn and fall asleep face down in it" wasted (which he did, but not until much later). So THEN the ladies showed up. Ok, I'm not even gonna go there. Anyway, it gets late and everyone's leaving. Seth and I are cleaning up and trying not to wake Pops who by then had passed out (naked except his bow-tie) in front of the couch. The next morning, to our dismay, Pops stumbled into the kitchen, grabbed the "Corn Pops" (of course), and pours Jack Daniels over it. He looked up, smiled and said, "Hair o' the dog, boys. Hair o' the dog." Then he barfed and passed out again. It might be said, when I'm feelin' nostalgic, that the night of Seth and Big Orv's birthday, was one of the best nights of my life. To Orv!!!

+ author: a-train
+ posted: June 25, 2005 10:13 AM

No way. You share a birthday with Corey Feldman and I share a birthday with none other than Corey Freaking Haim! The two Coreys! And us! No wonder we're still such good friends even though we haven't lived in the same city for years. On a side note, I wish I was at that party ya'll are talking about. I do, however, remember the year after that when Orva-lump-agus got real fat got real fat and got really fat. And got fat! Got fat! Then when we didn't get fat with him, he got really really fat and got fat and got really fat! I finally just gave up and got fat got fat and then got really fat. Got fat! I can't remember if it was you or Trip or Aaron that got fat got fat and got really fat as well. Got fat. Who knows?

+ author: Crasymaker
+ posted: June 25, 2005 10:13 AM

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