Seth Gunderson, Cable Thief?

It's been a while since I moved into my new place. January, in fact, was when I moved. By count, that's five months ago. When I relocated, I transferred all of my bills/utilities to my new place, since that's the right thing to do. The most important bill that I brought along with me was the cable bill. Not only does it contain all of my favorite television shows, but it also gives me my internet access.

For the short time that I've lived in my loft, I've received at least three cable bills. These bills were sent to my current address - since that's where I live. However, the past two cable bills, one of which I did NOT receive, were sent to my old address up North. So now, I'm delinquent on paying for cable.

Calling the cable company seemed to do me little good. First off my phone number wasn't listed in their system anymore, and secondly, they couldn't find a single instance where my address was listed as my old one. So something's not right, because on the bill, even though it was sent to my old address, it states on the bill that it's for service at my NEW place. Why on Earth would I want my bills sent to my old address? Maybe so I could pay late fees over and over again?

Like I said, the super informative people at the cable company could find nothing wrong in the system and told me that I should receive next month's bill at the correct address. To be continued...

+ original post date: June 7, 2004 07:13 AM
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