I can't stand the Lakers. Just about as much as I can't stand the Yankees, or Duke men's basketball. I don't like these "dynasty" teams that pride themselves on throwing tons and tons of money at atheletes in order to win championships (minus Duke, of course, they're just damn good all the time). It's not fair to the smaller teams that don't have that kind of money and usually end up prey to the bigger guns.

That's why it's so great for a team like the Florida Marlins, or Anaheim Angels, to win the World Series. That's why it's so much fun to watch a team like the Detroit Pistons work over the Lakers like b-movie actors.

It's really funny though... that while the NBA finals are being played, if you watch any of the games between Detroit and LA, when they show the score at halftime, or when going to a commercial, the teams listed are Detroit and LA Lakers. One could make the argument that if they just put LA people might confuse them with the Clippers (who are also from LA). Riiiiiight, as if the Clips are anywhere close to making the playoffs, let alone the finals. It's not really fair to Detroit though, in my mind. So why not just say Pistons vs Lakers? I guess because cities have to get their props, too.

+ original post date: June 11, 2004 07:24 PM
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