Gave Blood, Got Good News

On May 27, I gave blood during work to benefit a co-worker of mine's mother - who died from cancer the year before. Kansas City, much like many other cities in this country, is in constant need of blood and they just love it when I roll through. Being an O-Negative is nice and I'm glad that I can contribute.

When giving blood through the Community Blood Center, they screen your Chlesterol levels as well. When I gave blood the first time in 2000, my Cholesterol was 136. By January 2002, it had increased to 155. January of last year saw a slight decrease to 144. I figured that my figure from this year would be around the same number. I was surprised to find out today that it's lower. Substantially lower. 119, to be exact.

I'm a little less than shocked, but still happy. I don't know how it's this low, but on the form that the results came on, it says the following:

Many factors can affect your total cholesterol reading which can very as much as 15% daily...

Fair enough. But 15% of my highest (155) is only around 23.5 points, which puts me in the 130 range. So, I'm thinking that my average is around 130, give or take 20 points. I know little history of my family and heart problems and I'm very pleased to know that my cholesterol is a-okay.

+ original post date: June 27, 2004 06:01 PM
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