Finally, a KC News Site Worth Reading

I uncovered a great resource for KC-based news the other day. I was so excited about the site, that I read quite a bit of its archives, just reading stuff that you don't hear from the local news in KC (since it's not a fire, or killing, it must not be newsworthy).

BlogKC.com is that site. I haven't dug around enough to figure out who runs it, but I'm lovin' it already. Check it out if you have time. The site posts all of its current news on the homepage, but it appears that each story has a sub-category as well, so once it's off the front page, it is filed away into different areas of the city (downtown, plaza, etc.)

Some of the things I read about that was awesome to hear... downtown is possibly getting TWO, not one, grocery stores - one in the River Market and one in the Crossroads. I found the new arena web site. I found the new baseball stadium web site (go sign the petition). And possibly the best news, the city may be changing all the roads downtown to be two-way, not one-way anymore.

Minor things? Yes. But I really like to know what's going on in my city besides the idiotic things the news stations seem to concentrate on. Nice job BlogKC!

+ original post date: June 7, 2004 07:22 AM
+ categories: KC


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