More and more, as of late, I've been assigned to do Art Direction on certain projects. My most recent work was to provide a new design for the ATP web site - www.atptennis.com. I took the task, not quite sure why I was given this chance, but it sure did pay off!!!

Almost three weeks ago, I was informed that my design was chosen and will be the new look and feel of the ATP web site! I was very excited and thankful. I met the clients this week and officially turned the design over to their team for cutting up and made into an actual site.

Wow. Yay me!

If you want to see the work, go here and look at the most current Concept B images: http://winstage.vml.com/atp/tnaotp1000104/

+ original post date: June 18, 2004 07:24 PM
+ categories: Things I've Made, Work


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