I give blood... quickly.

I gave a pint of my blood away yesterday. The blood-people love it when I come through since I'm O-Negative. They practically huddle around me like vampires, just waiting for me to step out of the sunlight that I'm floating in. Okay, not really, but they do appreciate anyone who comes in to donate. As one of the workers said, "we need you, the community needs you." It's so true. It makes me feel good to give to the community like that, especially when I get my cholesterol checked for free, a free t-shirt (I'm a t-shirt whore) AND a free burger at Back Yard Burgers. It's a deal that cannot be beat.

The only drawback is how darned quick the blood escapes my body. The workers now know to prop my feet up before I even start since I've come close to feinting twice now. Seriously. I came out of the question room and laid down while they prepped my arm. A co-worker of mine was half-way through her bag before they even swabbed me with Iodine, yet I finished about a minute after she was done. It's like my own blood doesn't like me, it can't wait to get out of my body... which could be a problem.

+ original post date: May 28, 2004 10:30 AM
+ categories: All About Seth


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