Deliverance in Hurricane Alley

Today was an awesome, awesome day. The weather outside was incredible and I took advantage of it... some. This morning I helped Bev move her stuff into her new apartment. That surprisingly went super fast and was over by noon. From there, we (Aaron, Bev, Wendy and I) were treated to lunch at the Westport Flea Market (best burgers in Kansas City, hands down).

After lunch, I ran home and grabbed my softball bat and headed to the batting cages. My softball team's first game was last week - but was cancelled due to rain. So, Monday is now the official first game of the season and I need to be ready (I promised Brett that I'd hit four home runs this year, heh).

The batting cages were fun, although I re-opened some scarred blisters from last year. Oh well, the sooner I do it, the better. After four rounds of hits, I took my car to Hurricane Alley to wash her up. Then, I took the squeaky clean car over to the vacuum cleaners so I could Armor-All the inside.

I left my car running so that I could hear my cds playing, but quickly realized that I was wasting gas because two spots away from me (on my right) was some girl in super-short shorts, skimpy shirt, and pig tails blasting out to Master P and the No Limit Soldiers. I had to chuckle because she obviously was out there to get the attention of someone.

Right as the soldiers were getting heavily into their groove, the guy who was in the spot next to me (on my left) decided that he was sick of Master P so he turned up his cd player - which was some other rap group, but he obviously didn't care about the lyrics because his windows were rattling due to the bass that was a-kickin'.

The girl seemed a bit mystified, thrown off her game - if you will, so after taking a swig from a coke that must have been hot (she made an icky face), she went back to her vehicle and turned her music back up. Who knew, right here in Hurricane Alley, that we'd have a present day rendition of dueling banjos!?!

So now, we have two rap songs, blasting as loud as can be. Curse words were flying, bass lines were dropping, and I could've sworn the guy and girl were doing "West Side Story" dance moves around the car wash. All I hear is noise and then as if the music attracted her, an elderly lady drove up to vacuum her car. I winced just thinking about what she was thinking. Surprisingly, she went about her business... no shaking of the head or anything.

I left shortly after the lady arrived. Who knows, maybe she enjoyed the music, perhaps joined in the battle as well. Only Hurricane Alley knows the full story.

Tomorrow morning is the Corporate Challenge 5k, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (sarcasm). I'll check ya'll fools later.

+ original post date: May 15, 2004 07:50 PM
+ categories: Funny, Ha Ha


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