New York: Simon MUST Be Jealous

The second half of my Saturday turned out to be a lot longer than I expected. After rendevousing at the Grigsby's pad, we ventured into Central Park amidst the 5,000 other people that had the same idea. It was like we were in a movie. There were people playing softball, laying out, walking their dog, jogging, riding bikes, rollerblading, whatever they could think of just to get out of their home and into the small bit of nature that New York has to offer. It was unreal.

Joe and I then took the subway down to Union Station. Inside Virgin Records, I found two CDs that I've been looking for lately, so I bought them... yay! After that, we went to a cool comic book store and then to Strands - a huge used-book store. Then, while talking, Joe and I basically wandered all the way down to Canal street before realizing where we were. From there we took the subway back up to the Upper West Side, and he went home while I came back to my aunt's.

I stayed briefly, only to clean up, and then met another co-worker of mine (Travis) and his wife (Rachel) to see some improv at The Producers Club. The comedy team consisted of no one famous, but was a pleasant act. I wasn't rolling in tears, but it was pretty entertaining. After the show, we walked to Hamburger Harry's to eat, wait for it....., hamburgers.

After the meal, I met up with yet another co-worker of mine (Jeremy Kaiman) for some drinks in the Upper West Side. We hung out for about three hours between the bar and his place, talking about work, catching up with his girlfriend Haesan, oogling over his super X-Box, and finally meeting his twin brother.

Overall, a great night that ended about now - 2:36 AM.

Oh yeah, and Simon will be jealous to learn that cat owners frequently take their pets to Central Park. On the subway ride to meet up with Travis and Rachel, I sat across the train car from a cat in a carrier bag. How cool.

+ original post date: April 18, 2004 01:32 AM
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