New York: Puhs, Puhs, Puhs

Sunday in New York. Supposedly a day that doesn't have too much traffic, foot or otherwise. This morning, instead of lugging my luggage on the subway, I grabbed a taxi from my aunt's to my new place of residence... the Soho Grand Hotel on West Broadway. Wow, what a swanky place! I forgot to pick up my complimentary goldfish for the night - no, not the edible kind, the swimming kind (which, I suppose, is still edible). Apparently it's a new trend to allow hotel guests to have a fish overnight, the swimming sounds are soothing.

Anyhow, after getting set up in my room, I decided to view the World Trade Center and then went to Century 21 - the number one department store in the world, according to Zagat. Wow, with no real organization in the store, you could spend an entire afternoon in there finding cool clothes and pretty nice deals.

From there I walked back up to Canal street, just to wade through the craziness. When I arrived, it appeared that there was a cop scare. Doors were closed, sheets were thrown over products, and oddly, there were ZERO street vendors (no dvds, cds, watches, oakleys, etc.). Canal was still overly crowded and sometimes a struggle to walk through. Hungry from not eating anything all day, I stopped at the most authentic New York spot - Sbarro... ugh. My gallbladder-less body taught me a lesson to NOT eat chain-food while in New York.

The oddest part about Canal was after all the vendors had returned. Walking down the sidewalks, practically getting grabbed by every watch salesmen, you would get stopped in front of ladies with trashbags full of purses. They weren't looking up, but with about 10 purses hanging from each arm, they were repeating the word "puhs" over and over and over. As if anyone walking on Canal didn't know what they were selling down there. I chuckled and thought about the seagulls from "Finding Nemo" who constantly yelled, "Mine!"

+ original post date: April 18, 2004 08:22 PM
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