New York: Bye Bye

I'm back in good ol' Kansas City now, but I wanted to make sure I properly rounded out my New York posts with a recap of the last day there.

After our second day of training sessions, Brett and I were very glad to leave that place. The client was overbearing in most respects and just plain hard to deal with in all other respects. So, saying good-bye to them was probably the easiest thing we did during those two days. We hopped a cab up to the Y&R office to have lunch with other VMLers Jeremy, Joe and Travis – Bill was out of town this week. From there we walked down to Grand Central Station and ate in the food court down there. With lunch fresh in our bellies, we walked back to the Y&R office to see the much-rumored crummy space that the guys work in. I was not let down in their description of the office. Poor guys.

Leaving Y&R, Brett and I taxied back down to the hotel area. Brett decided to walk down to Century 21 and I just walked Canal street again, I love that place. At one point I was inside a building similar to a flea market, except that each booth was selling illegal purses, cds, dvds, etc. I was walking around the place when I heard a steel door slam, and then instantaneously, all of the steel doors in the building shut down and everyone casually walked out of the building as if nothing had happened. I suppose there was a cop scare, because there was NO ONE on the street selling anything, and almost every "shop" had it's door closed. I've heard stories of that happening, and thought it was neat to see.

Not much else happened on the trip, we hopped a taxi back to LaGuardia and flew back to Kansas City. Got home and went to bed. Fun trip, not enough free time... but I can't complain since it was all free. Thanks VML!

+ original post date: April 22, 2004 11:55 AM
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