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Tonight my bowling team finishes out our dreadful season of being in last place. We bowled so poorly off and on this season, that we locked the last-place spot three weeks ago. Not a bad accomplishment! But, there is some good news... we'll finish the season with a new team record. That's right, we officially have the worst winning percentage of any team in VML's Bowling League history. Awww yeah, my name is ALL over that.

In other bowling new, midway through this season I finally went off the deep end and bought my own bowling ball. I'm legit now. I don't throw the pseudo-curve now, I bowl like a real bowler. And I've seen my weekly average go up every week since I bought the ball. Week one: 129, week two: 133, week three: 143, and last week: 144. I think I'm getting a hold of it now, but it'll take a while to really get the average up there. I'll keep you all up to date.

Well, we lost two of four last night. Thanks to Basham's 225 in the first game (87 pins over his average). We won the second and third games, but lost overall pins by 21. A shame really, but like said above, it didn't really matter. On the other hand, my average went up again... I bowled a 147 this week. Yay me. That should be all the team bowling until fall. I'll hook ya up later.

+ original post date: March 30, 2004 03:27 PM
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