Is there anybody out there?

this morning awoke
turned over in bed
was trying to hide
from what was ahead

prepared myself normally
first left shoe, then right
not knowing my troubles
would go through the night

my breakfast was light
no fruit for my mind
this day would be trying
with trouble, all kinds

the morning a breeze
working at pace
returning from lunch
smacked in the face

a simple task asked
no problem my dear
wait I can't do this
all turned a deaf ear

but wait, he needs help
and no one will listen
I hiked up my trousers
his eyes hardly glistened

take care of, stay late
and straighten your stuff
oh, just one more thing
you're steady, you're tough

if tomorrow is similar
I'll stay out of the way
and think to myself
today, I'm okay

+ original post date: March 31, 2004 08:26 PM
+ categories: All About Seth


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