Shake it like a polaroid pi-ic-cha!

In response to the recent article regarding shaking polaroid pictures...

If the picture has a protective layer, then does it really need to be shielded from wind? It's not like wind is going throw the picture into a groove somewhere, and then blow it back and forth worse than a human would. And they're wrong about how people should avoid to bend or twist their pics, this helps it develop faster... wait, who in the hell would do that? While they're at it, why don't they say that people shouldn't burn them, or hold them under water for extended periods of time, much less put it in a paper shredder? The people at Polaroid should cover all bases, because just the other day I cooked my fresh set of polaroids in my cheese dip and they were ruined. Thanks a lot Polaroid, you didn't warn me about what hot cheese and diced tomatoes would do. I'll try sticking them in Simon's poop tomorrow... something is bound to make my pictures develop faster.

+ original post date: February 17, 2004 09:06 PM
+ categories: Pop Culture


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