Why must NBC be so stupid?

For the second year, NBC has decided that "Ed" should air on Friday, instead of Wednesday. They did this last year and also decided to cancel the show at the same time, stating that the season finale would also be the series finale. People, including myself, were extremely pissed off. To no surprise, the show's numbers continued to drop. [Could it be because the demographic they're going after are out on Friday nights? And, could it be that if the numbers continued to drop that they could justify dropping the show?] Even though the show 'ended', enough people wrote to NBC that they picked up the show for another season.

And now this. If they don't want to carry the show, then just drop it. Don't keep moving it to another night. It's a fun show, too bad NBC doesn't seem to like it.

+ original post date: January 7, 2004 09:58 AM
+ categories: Television


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