The Myth of Carpet Indentions

Today was it, the last straw, the final hoorah, the last gas, and so on, and so forth. We finally moved all of our stuff out of the house. Some things ended up in my new loft, some in Wendy's place, and some even ended up on the curb waiting for the trash men to pick it up. Tuesday at 8:30, the new owners of 11223 N Summit will be given their keys and will begin to move their things into the house.

It's sad really. While we both made the decision to sell the home, the thought originated in my head and Wendy simply agreed. Though it's sold and I'm glad to be out, I already miss it. Lots of memories already in that house, but there will be other houses and millions more memories to experience.

So all that's left in the house now are imprints of where we had our furniture. You can see where the bed was, the couch, even the television. They're pretty easy to fix, just put some ice in each indentation and the humidity that melts the ice will release the carpet - just fluff the area with a fork. If only some things were that easy to correct. So, no furniture, just carpet indentations... and soon enough those will be gone, too.

+ original post date: January 19, 2004 10:56 PM
+ categories: Dwellings


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