Master P? P-lease!

Last night I was treated to a Kansas City Knights game (ABA, which is nothing like NBA). It was going to be an interesting game because of two things. One, Kobe Bryant's father - Jelly Bean - was the coach for the opposing team. And two, Master P was on the other team as a player. It was interesting to see one of the more influential modern hip-hop icons not ten feet away from me. As for his playing? 1 for 5 isn't the best night for a starter.

Still, it was funny to watch the kids line up just waiting to see him face-to-face, get an autograph and have their picture taken with him. They berated him before the game, after the game, and yes, even during the game. Ah yes, such is the life.

Anyway, Master P's team lost and now the Knights are in first place. Go Knights!

+ original post date: January 15, 2004 03:12 PM
+ categories: Pop Culture


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