Dead Bolts = Good Idea

In what would have been a classic sitcom moment from the 1980s... The other day I was scouring the five floors in my building to find the community shopping cart**. Residents utilize the shopping cart when transferring many things to and from their loft apartments. On this particular day I was attempting to clear my loft of all the storage items that were lined in my hallway from the move. I had already been down to the basement on several trips, so I decided to look once again.

My building has two elevators, and two staircases – one staircase on either end of the building. While the elevators are generally quick, when looking for the shopping cart, it's best to go down one stair case, walk across whichever floor you come to, and down the opposite stair case (the cart is sometimes hidden). This time, I started from the bottom floor and went up.

The first floor is the entrance and has our mail boxes, so not much there. Up we go to the second floor. First I peek my head out into the garage, nope, nothing there. Then across the second floor to the other stair case. Up to the third floor. I travel across the floor, and peek my head out into the garage, nope, nothing there. I turn around to hit the stair case to the fourth floor.

I reach to open the door and SMACK, my nose, then body, crashes into the front of the door. I hadn't opened the door to the stair case, I had tried to open loft 316. I don't know if any one was home, because I quickly moved several feet over and went into the stair well and rushed upstairs. The door didn't open because it was dead bolted, but imagine if it wasn't. In a scene from a classic sitcom such as Three's Company or Cheers, I can only assume what would've been going on.

And there you have it. All that typing for a lame ending. But my nose hurt, wasn't that enough? I was a little embarrassed, happy now? What were you expecting? The cart to be on fire? Or in my loft the whole time? Or maybe that I would find a baby inside it? C'mon, let's get real, my life isn't some reality show. Hmmmm, maybe I'm on to something here.

** The shopping cart is from K-Mart. I only knew of one K-Mart in Kansas City, and that closed down over a year ago. It's not the best cart, coincidentally, K-Mart wasn't the best store, either. If any one would like to donate a better shopping cart, like from Hen House, or Target, that would be great. Thank you.

+ original post date: January 29, 2004 10:17 PM
+ categories: Dwellings


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