I was Supposed to Die Five Times

I woke up this morning around 5:30, struggling to remember most of the details to one of the more vivid dreams I've had in a long time. I vaguely remember the 'plot' of this dream to be that I was to die five times, and that theme was told to me much in the way Scrooge was told in "A Christmas Carol". Not by a ghost, but it was just an understood thing that over the course of this movie, if you will, I would die five times.

I don't remember 1-4, at all. Glimpses here and there, but nothing substantial. Nor do I remember dying, ever. It was more like plane that's nosediving towards the ground and there's no escape. The crowd doesn't have to see the end to know how it wound up.

So, the dream... It was Christmas Eve, or a day around that time, and I was heading back from Fayetteville to spend the holiday with my family. I wasn't driving a car like normal, in this scenario I had a motorcycle. I had said my goodbyes and had started to drive back when I had to stop on the highway because there was a hell of a rain storm. Fearing the inevitable slide off of the road, I decided to pull off, leave my bike, and hitch a ride back to Fayetteville.

Back in Fayetteville, I was dropped off at my best friends' house. I told them that I left my bike on the road because the storm was too strong. One of them looked to the direction the storm was coming and said that it looked like it was clearing up and that he would take me to get my bike so I could go home. We hopped into his truck and drove towards the bike.

On the way to get my bike, on the horizon we saw a large group of clouds and out of the clouds were 5 or 6 tornados starting to emerge. Also in the sky were several news helicopters reporting on the weather situation. We got to the bike and my friend convinced me that if I went fast enough that I could be home before the tornados hit. I agreed and hopped on the bike and sped off.

Not five minutes into my ride did I have to stop because of a large tornado in my way. I turned the bike around and drove to an apartment high-rise on the outskirts of Fayetteville - which was now a large metropolis. I'm not sure who I knew in the apartment, but they lived towards the top and the next thing I knew I was in their living room and we were watching the whole thing from their window.

It was a pretty scene - the city was on our right. Fayetteville had grown, skyscrapers, parks, all in a giant cluster. To the left of Fayetteville was a large grassy plain, no hills, just flat. The sun was setting, making the sky a beautiful purple/red/golden color. It was almost surreal.

We watched as the tornados touched down in the grassy plain, twisting and turning, going in any direction they wanted to. At one point the entire cluster of clouds turned towards us. As the tornados came our way, we noticed parachuters heading towards the high-rise as well. One landed on the patio right outside the window and we rushed to get him inside. As he was running inside, another parachuter was heading towards the patio as well. Two people went to grab him and as soon as they could reach his feet the cloud had reached the apartment.

But instead of tornados storming the building, a giant Crayola-themed Parachuters plane emerged from the clouds and slammed into the roof, skimmed off and turned back towards the clouds. We could feel the building shake all around us. We looked back outside and saw the Crayola plane on fire, spinning out of control, and then it crashed into a giant Crayola-themed blimp. The blimp exploded and a large burst of gas shot towards the window and shattered the glass.

Right before the glass broke, I remember everything becoming slow-motion. I saw the glass break, people covering their faces with their arms, turning away and running away. I didn't turn away, but I was also unaffected by the breaking glass. Everyone was screaming, trying desperately to get away from the now open window. Just as everyone was getting a safe distance from the window, another gas ball hit.

That's when I woke up.

+ original post date: December 18, 2003 08:57 AM
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