Dreams and Mario

So, lately I've been having weird dreams. First the tornado/Crayola plane one and now this. The great thing about this dream, however, was that I was excited and wanted to rush back to sleep so that it might continue. That hardly ever works, but it was worth the shot.

The dream started off with me in a room. I was standing at a table and had a balloon in my hand. There was also a glass of water on the table. I knew what I was supposed to do immediately. I poured the water into the balloon and as soon as I did that, a door opened. As I walked towards the door the balloon in hand began to leak, and as the water leaked out, the door was shutting.

I ran through the door and into another room where in the middle was another table. The table was vanishing at the same rate as the water leaking from the balloon. So, I ran to the table and set the balloon down on the table. The table re-materialized and the balloon disappeared.

Then, on the table appeared an empty pint glass and a cell phone. I looked around the room and noticed many small sets of stairs going up and down all around. I noticed no doors, but knew what I had to do. I grabbed the glass and the cell phone. Intuitively, I poured water out of the cell phone into the glass. As I did this, birds started to attack me from around the room. Startled by the birds, I stopped pouring and started to run around the room looking for the door.

There was no door. I ran back to the table to pour more water into the glass, which in turn brought more attacking birds.

That's pretty much all. I figured it was like a new Mario game or something. It was very fun. Yay.

+ original post date: December 22, 2003 08:30 AM
+ categories: Dreams


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