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Today I helped my brother-in-law move his belongings into a Public Storage unit here in Kansas City. Besides the usual goofy employees that work in these facilities, there were some other odd things that I noticed. First off, the storage/moving business seems a bit lucrative... when you can sell a box for $3.75 (or 10 for $32.50 - saving $.50 per box there) and tape gun for $11.99, that's some nice revenue... especially when you get some goobers in there that don't know much about moving. You can buy the same tape gun at Office Depot for $7.99.

Then, something else I noticed that made me laugh. Among the many great, overpriced things you can buy there, one item in particular is essential. Bubble wrap. You know, the thing you steal from whoever has them, so you can pop them with your fingers. Well, it's actually very useful when moving, I've used it many times. But in case you're not sure of what you'd use it for, the company put some illustrations on the side of the box, so you get the idea of how powerful this stuff really is. You can use it for dishes and glassware, a mirror, your television, binoculars, your computer keyboard, any circuit boards you have laying around. The possibili... wait... CIRCUIT BOARDS AND KEYBOARDS!!!??? Talk about integrated marketing, let's get the housewives AND the geeks. Well, it worked, I bought some. Circuit boards, ha!

+ original post date: November 25, 2003 05:50 PM
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